Polo Grill would like to welcome two new team members, Albert Fort and Carollynn Somoza.  Chef Albert has joined Polo to head up the Culinary team.  Albert was born and raised in Vero Beach and has over 30 years of experience in High End Boutique Hotels & Country clubs with a hands-on approach to cooking. “I teach what I have been taught over the years to show the true work of a chef who cares about the product, staff and guests. This is what has brought me to become a very passionate chef. I create fresh crisp food ideas with little twists off some old classics as well.”
Chef Carollynn is has taken the the role of Pastry Chef with Polo Grill.   She to has a long ties to Vero Beach including six years at the Disney hotel as pastry chef.  She loves to use flavors and stunning visual presentations.  As she becomes more comfortable in her new roll she has a big surprised for everyone so keep in touch for updates.  

About Us
To borrow a line; love all, serve all.  We are a family of service who all have had strong family upbringings.  A father who served in the Korean War to put himself through college; who later attended Georgetown University but ultimately returned to his hometown of New Haven Ct to open private practice where he was a champion for the community in which he was raised.  His successes never overshadowed his humble upbringing in a small Irish neighborhood in New Haven.  A mother who raised two amazing children and fought for them and challenged them every step of the way.  A Grandfather who brought his young family from Cuba with the vision of a better life.  While not armed with a college degree he was perhaps the wisest man one would ever meet.
For our new team members who are quickly becoming a part of the family because they share the same goals and passion, to be of service.
We will offer amazing steaks and seafood in a rich and comfortable atmosphere for the affluent minded guest in line with some of the finest steakhouses in the country.

Mission Statement
To be the best-loved modern grill by our employees, guests, performing musicians, and community.  To genuinely support our co-workers, provide heartfelt service, and comfort to our guest, deliver superior food, drink, & music with pride & consistency, so we create raving fans who want to return over and over.


Please call (772) 231-4090 or fill in the form below. If you prefer Open Table that option is also available below.

Special Easter and Mothers Day Hours, 1pm to 8pm