About Us
To borrow a line; love all, serve all.  We are a family of service who all have had strong family upbringings.  A father who served in the Korean War to put himself through college; who later attended Georgetown University but ultimately returned to his hometown of New Haven Ct to open private practice where he was a champion for the community in which he was raised.  His successes never overshadowed his humble upbringing in a small Irish neighborhood in New Haven.  A mother who raised two amazing children and fought for them and challenged them every step of the way.  A Grandfather who brought his young family from Cuba with the vision of a better life.  While not armed with a college degree he was perhaps the wisest man one would ever meet.
For our new team members who are quickly becoming a part of the family because they share the same goals and passion, to be of service.
We will offer amazing steaks and seafood in a rich and comfortable atmosphere for the affluent minded guest in line with some of the finest steakhouses in the country.

Mission Statement
To be the best-loved modern grill by our employees, guests, performing musicians, and community.  To genuinely support our co-workers, provide heartfelt service, and comfort to our guest, deliver superior food, drink, & music with pride & consistency, so we create raving fans who want to return over and over.


Please call (772) 231-4090 or fill in the form below. If you prefer Open Table that option is also available below.

Special Easter and Mothers Day Hours, 2pm to 8pm